Practice process – develop your checklist for efficient learning.  (A reworking of Dorothy Delay’s Study Sheet is included on p. 126.)

  • Write in your  “choreography” of fingerings and bowings into your part. 
  • Create a calendar break down of what you need to accomplish each week – the semester goes by very quickly! 
  • You may also find keeping a practice log useful. 
  • Find a way to organize all your performance related material into one folder, binder, notebook or file


  • An harmonic, formal and phrase analysis of one of the pieces your are studying will be presented in seminar each year.


  • Find out about the composer, period, genre, etc. of each piece you are working on. You will be asked to relate a certain depth of knowledge about each piece you perform in Seminar.


  • Informal presentation in seminar on music performance related topics.
  • You will be doing at least one every couple of years, as need and interest arise.

Listening Logs – will be submitted to performers (and possibly me) in performance seminar.