Wire Nag


WIRE NAG wirenag1

WIRE NAG – for contact point

The wire nag is easy to make and use.  You just need a couple of wine corks manipulated to fit the size of your f-holes.  Often the untouched cork will fit perfectly.  Champagne corks are big enough for even the largest f-hole.

Floral wire is often at the correct length.  I use a pliers to hold the end rigid while pressing the end into the cork.  No glue is needed.

Play in the third and fourth quadrants – the two closest to the bridge.  The wire will rasp against your bow if you start to get a floaty contact point.

As you play closer to the bridge, the bow will go slower.  Use weight, not pressure to get sound.  Your right hand will be very relaxed and pliable.  NO squeezing.  Hold it loosely so that your fingertips can feel the bow buzzing against the string.

Sure, you’ll need some rosin, but too much rosin will really get in the way.