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Like recording, or videographing yourself, a mirror can help you experience your playing more objectively.  Here are a few things you can do with a mirror – some are obvious and others less so.

  • When doing bass class exercises or other warm-ups that don’t require your eyes, watch with a critical eye.  Left hand is usually first, observe how you use the whole arm and hand.  ( Left Hand Principles)  Same for the right hand. (Right Hand Principles) and for Posture.
  • For communication – try looking yourself in the eyes.  We usually mean what we say when we look someone in the eyes and it should give meaning to whatever music you’re playing from memory.
  • For ease and attitude – try smiling.  Go on! a big goofy grin.  It does a lot to relax your body and mind.  Again, use memorized music
  • For the bow – watch your bowing and make it look really cool and dramatic.  Definitely memorized music.