Baby Bow


BABY BOW – to understand bow mechanics

Baby bow gives you the immediate experience of using a slower bow at a lower (closer to the bridge) contact point.  On the bottom is a cheap fiberglass 1/10th sized bow.  I have both french and german.  Should you find one, buy it!  They are increasingly hard to find.

In the middle is a baby bow made specifically for me by George Rubino.  I even used it to record the last movement of Matti Kovler’s trio Wa-Edah Ma on my Artemis CD.  It’s great to have a baby bow by a fine maker, but not at all necessary for the pedagogical benefits.

On the top is my Dolling full sized bow for scale and to show that you can also use a rubber band to create a false tip (or frog).  This is valuable for feeling the different effects of playing exclusively at the tip or at the frog.