Arm Weight


ARM WEIGHT – tune in to natural arm weight

This is a 1.5 pound exercise weight that is easily found in most sporting goods departments.  It can be wrapped on the wrist when playing, this is generally the most effective, but the elbow is also possible, or even the left wrist for a weird vibrato experience.


BAD – Generally, we have a habit of using rosin, pressure, and squeezing to produce sound.  We’re actually lifting the bow UP while pushing it down into the belly of the bass.  Then the small muscles of the arm are used to push it back and forth.  Like the old cartoon of sawing a bass in half


GOOD – The arm weight is a device to help you feel the natural weight of your bow and arm dropping toward the ground through the bridge, instead of pressure into the belly.

Points to consider:
Use for only a few minutes at a time.  
Relax your hand and allow the weight to sink in.
Open strings are ideal, but you can also try a passage of music.
Move the entire arm with a whole body motion, similar to golf, tennis, martial arts and other sports where power is needed.
When you take it off, you should be able to feel the phantom weight still in place.  This is cluing you in to your natural arm weight.