These devices put physical restraint on technical concepts that are otherwise challenging to think about while practicing.  Some can be helpful when practicing music itself.  Mostly, plan to use them only during Bass Class Exercises and Warm-ups.


ARM WEIGHT – to feel natural weightArm-Weight-2

bbows+_edited-2BABY BOW – to understand bow mechanics

BALL – hand position, loosening the thumb, and vibratotennis ball

maskBLINDFOLD – internalize (proprioception)

COUNTING STICK – ways to process practicecounting stick

cuffCUFF – connect to larger motion

DOTS – help! PageImage-442092-2666532-7675-dots

ear plugsEAR PLUGS – proprioceptivity and the larger picture

MIRROR – change your perspectivedistressed silver black 6708

images-1SPLINTS – keep the curl in your left hand fingers and protect your volar plate

WIRE NAG – for contact pointWIRE NAG