Phase 1 – Chromatic sample

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 2.55.09 PM


This is a chromatic scale from D harmonic on the D string to D harmonic on the G string.  Objectives are:  
1- to get a more accurate sense of how the half steps are placed in thumb position.  
2- to draw the hand into a more rounded position.

Fingering is T1234 on D, T1234-234 to the harmonic on the G string for groupings on 1.
For groupings of 2 : T1T,121,232,343,4T4,T1T,121,232,343,4-21,232,343 going up. Then 434,323,212,1T1, 212.1T1,T4T,434,323,212,1T1
For groupings of 3: T121T.12321,23432,34T43  etc.
When you run out of fingers, just remember to shift to 2 and you should end up in the right place.  

Note side goals – pound and pluck.  Pound the finger when striking and pluck the string slightly when lifting the finger.  Stay on fingertips as much as possible and keep the curl in the fingers.
Sound side goals – Slow, medium and fast speeds for each of the bowings (separate, slurred and spicatto) on each of the groupings.  For groupings of 1, slurs can be 4 at a time for slow, 6 for medium and 12 for fast.  For spicatto, do 4 repitions on each note for slow then move to 2 and 3 for moderate tempo and 1 stroke per note for fast.