Come Away

Come Away


Diana Gannett, double bass

 John Ellis, piano


Samuel Barber : Sonata, Op. 6 (originally for ‘cello and piano)

Allegro ma non troppo
Allegro appassionato

Gustav Mahler: (songs originally for voice and piano)
    Erinnerung, vol. 1 (1880-83)
    Selbstgefuhl and
    Nicht wiedersehen! from Lieder und Gesänge vol. 3 (1888-91)

Erich Wolfgang Korngold (songs originally for voice and piano)
    Nachtwanderer Op. 9 No. 2    
    Liebesbriefchen Op. 9 No. 4
    Das Heldengrab am Pruth Op. 9 No. 5
    Mond, lo gehst du wieder auf Op. 14 No. 3
    “Come Away, Death” Op. 29 No. 1



This CD is dedicated to an amazing woman, Carleen Maley Hutchins, a scientist and amateur violist turned luthier  She, along with Frederic Saunders founded the  Catgut Acoustical Society which sought to bring the perfected acoustical properties of Stradivari and Guarneri violins to the entire string family. 

The final result is a set of eight string instruments covering the range of traditional violin, viola, ‘cello and double bass.  Several octets exist and the model changed with additional research. 

I own the very first small bass that was made on a Carcassi model but with tuned plates. I also helped to build the last four basses that were made. 

The Hutchins bass was used for this recording.

Diana with Hutchins bass
Diana with     Hutchins bass


Carleen with the last big bass made
Carleen with the last big bass made
violin octet
                         violin octet